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TGW Core Technologies
The following technologies listed below were designed to enable our users to interact with the many sites within our vast online network.
Our state-of-the-art news aggregation system provides users with direct access to a vast array of the latest news articles from editors around the world.
You can post your own photos and videos within the networks and interest groups of your choosing. If you would like to use our core technologies to host your content so you can place links on other sites across the internet.
Our proprietary e-mail servers enable us to manage dozens of unique websites that provide free e-mail accounts to our users. Sign up today and get a free e-mail account at the network of your choosing!
Our core events technology enables users to find the latest events within the many interest groups covered by
Online Ad Management ad management system is the industry standard for delivering banners, rich media advertisements and partner/ affiliate links. We makes it easy for our advertisers to create custom campaigns that run across one, several or all of the websites within our vast online portfolio.
Our newsletter delivery system enables our sponsors to reach a highly qualified audience and associate their brand with our network-specific editorial content providing an opportunity to reach millions of targeted customers each day.
Our Mobile Ad Technology and MMS paging system enables advertisers to send SMS, MMS and text messages to our opt in users anywhere, any time. Up-to-date content and other information can now be delivered to the cell phones and hand held mobile devices of our users.
We invite you to put your concepts into the hands of our creative specialists who will help you customize a program to achieve your goals and maximize your ROI. Give us a call today 1-888-652-3737