Welcome to The Global Web!

The Global Web is a network of online communities as well as a targeted search portal for finding amenities such as hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars and other interesting, exciting and useful things in your local area. All of our properties are hand-picked from both user-submitted and staff-created content which guarantees the accuracy of the information.


The Global Web is also an ever-expanding collection of online communities where you can upload, share and discuss photos and video, receive the latest news and interact with millions of other people who share your interest. Each community offers useful tools and services, such as unlimited, free E-Mail for life, personalization and favorites, exclusive coupons and gift offers from companies involved in the subject nature of the community and many other things.


The goal of The Global Web and all the communities is our dedication to excellence and our user focus. We believe that in order for the user to enjoy his or her online experience, three things must be satisfied:

  • It must be useful. Information, such as directions, must be clear and non-ambiguous. Utilities, such as E-Mail and online multimedia must be powerful but easy to use.
  • It must be enticing. Whether the user wants to find a restaurant or share a photo, the method of accomplishing the goal must look and feel contemporary.
  • It must be satisfying. When the user wants to find a Chinese restaurant in his or her local area, as much relevant information, such as address, phone number, specialty dishes and delivery options, must be presented without becoming overwhelming.

Why Global?

When we say "global", we mean not only geographically encompassing, but also global in the sense of covering a global collection of interests. No matter where you are or who you are, there should be something for you on The Global Web!

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple: Leading with integrity. We know that in order to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, we have to earn and keep the trust of our users, partners, advertisers and other affiliates. We listen and respond rapidly in order to exceed the expectations of everyone involved.

We share a sense of mission to make an impact on the way the web is perceived today, and what is possible from both user- and technology points of view. With this serving as our inspiration, we continue on our path to further success.